This summer in san diego

I live in sarasota but im staying in SD for the summer, mostly to surf, but also spend time with my family and fit in a little fishin. Locally, land based, ive been catching a variety of fish such as juv. white seabass( about the size of a seatrout), hailbut, and calico bass, mostly on paddletail swimbaits.

A few weeks ago, i went on an overnight trip to san clemente island, where we had a steady calico bass bite with mostly bigger fish. I caught my biggest to date at around 5 pounds. We fished kelp beds, using swimbaits and anchovies.

Just today i went on a full day trip to catch some tuna. This time of the year in so cal means tuna and california yellowtail come in as close as 5-10 miles off the beach. I did quite well, catching 1 yellowfin tuna, 3 yellowtail, and a huge bonito.

I head home in about a month, where i have 1 more year of high school, during which i plan on working on my little skiff so ill be ready to start guiding asap.

Until next time,
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    I havent been seeing a ton of reports so i figured this might interest some
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