Throwing in towel - Sarasota Bay Area Redfish

Its been a month since I caught a redfish. I do well all year long - except dead of summer. I see reports of solid catches to my South (Pine Island area) and some decent catches to my North (Tampa and North). For the guys in Sara Bay area.... Do you find it tough this time of year. I waded an area yesterday eve for snook, got a few smaller ones..... Water literally felt "hot".... I dunno, starting to think I may need to drive South to more "open water"...


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    I can't speak much for fishing Sarasota, but I found myself in a slump a while back. I thaught i was goin to need to talk with a shrink cause i was beating myself up about it. haha. I just continued to do what I always do to get them and final paid off. It happens to everyone. That's why it's called fishing. Hopefully you will get on them soon.
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    The reds and snook are around. Your best bet is bright and early before the water warms up too much. Once the sun has been up heating the flat the fish move off into deeper cooler areas. Just keep plugging around and I'm sure you'll find them.
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    I look back at my logs for this time of year and I do not bother targeting them once the sun has been up for about an hour or two. I'm in Charlotte Harbor and the bite shuts off once the heat goes up. If I must fish during the day, I head to one of the deep holes, grab a beer, do some lazy cut bait fishing.

    At night, they are all over the bait in the lights. More towards the edges/bottom than the snook.

    I can't wait for Fall.
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    Symetre wrote: »
    I can't wait for Fall.

    AMEN! I really do not have a problem with snook this time of year....Especially once they get done doing their "thing" in the passes.... I did really really well last 3 years in a couple particular spots in August/September. Its them **** redfish! It just sucks waking up at zero dark 30 - dragging boat - blah blah - for a one to two hour window in the AM's for reds....

    I see/have been seeing reports from other guys in the Pine Island area doing well, and we are planning a trip down that way soon.... I guess we better set the alarms an hour+ prior to zero dark 30 to compensate for the drive down.... Oh well, it is what it is.... October will be here before we know it.

    PS... The other night wading a snook hole, I've been wading this spot for 3 years now... Dont sound like that much, I stop logging, but I would say ive been to this spot 75 times easily... The other night, was the HOTTEST (water temperature wise) that I have ever felt it there.... Surf temps say 88ish.. Had to be at LEAST 5 to 7 degrees warmer where I was... mid 90's?!?! geesh..... Time to take up a new hobby till fall lol
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    I forgot you were talking about catching redfish. I removed my post. Thanks! Sorry, I can't delete it. Why don't they let you delete a mistake?
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    Yesterday out in the boat I was passing over a flat so the wife could see a manatee and my plotter read 93*. The reds are here in SRQ, I think I'm going to target them this weekend. I've been doing nothing but tarpon since May 1st so it's time to dial in the reds again. A buddy of mine just nailed a bunch last week and I'm confident I can find them early when the water is cool but it will certainly take some scouting. Keep your head up, I know you can find them
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    It is nice to know you are human...i tell everyone u r the best ive fished with...early am aug 9 or 10.... Let me know if u can escape
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    passes, deep sand holes/ channels
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