Several Reports 6/20 threw 7/6

Friday 6/20
My oldest son wanted to see if we could get on a topwater bite and with a high tide right at dark I figured we would give it a try. Headed down to Suwannee town and put in around 6 pm. wind was kicking about twice what they said it was so bars out front were not going to happen. So we hit a few bars back in a creek and made the most of it. Boated two perfect tournament fish and 3 lower slot reds and one 26 inch trout, which is Josh's best to date. Were off the water by 8:30. I was told by a couple of friends that driving for 3 hours to fish for two was nuts. Guess I'm nuts lol

Monday 6/23
Took both boys down to Yankeetown to see if the tarpon wanted to play. Got there a little early so headed in some back country not for the faint at heart. Started off with topwater because there were so many mullet with some getting blasted by what looked like snook. After 10 follows with no hits, I switched to a fluke and in 10 minutes put 3 lower slot reds in the boat. They were all released to grow up. Both boys said time to switch also. We all started to catch 17 to 20 inch reds and then I jumped a snook that was about 20 inches. After another 4 reds with two going 25 inches (which were kept) Josh say's "that mangrove bush just move" he threw up there and a stud snook parted the bush and smashed his fluke. After about a 5 minute battle on leader I thought he had no chance with a nice 34" snook is brought aboard and released. His second biggest so far. Then 2 cast later hooks another snook that I guessed to be around 24" but this time the leader hit the gill plate and parted. After he got retied, on his first cast he boated another 25" red. Jacob and I were shaking our heads. Then it was my turn. I proceeded to get cut off twice by snook with one in the 30 to 32 inch range and boated another 25 inch red. We then went to look for tarpon so josh could get a true slam. We jumped two but could not get the job done.

Friday 6/27
Took my oldest boy back to Yankeetown to try for a slam again. Went straight to the back county to get the snook and reds out of the way but struggled a bit. Josh was swinging and missing a lot. I was up on the platform poling and giving him words of encouragement. Like" I'm not poling this barge for my health" lol So I climb down and start running the trolling motor. Jump a baby snook right off the bat but he shook the hook. Went way back due to the strong west wind and real high tide. Got back to this little pond and a big red spooks out of the grass. Then see a fish bust some bait and toss in to have a nice 28 inch snook jump on my fluke. After a photo shoot she is released. I then put two 25 inch reds in the box and called it a day. Wind was a bit much.

Sunday 6/29
My Brother called and wanted to know if I wanted to pull on toothy critters and of course I did. So we loaded up and headed to Cedar Key to avoid the scallop mad house. Put in around 4 pm and went to get some jacks and ladyfish for bait. They were thick and we had plenty in no time. We then ran out to one of the many cuts that run threw the flats of Cedar key and deployed baits. Got hit by a good one right off the bat and then nothing for about 30 minutes. We decide to move a little and start heading down the edge of this flat. My brother was throwing a topwater plug trying to get some trout for dinner and I had the trusty fluke on still trying for ladyfish. A school of what I thought was jacks started busting bait in front of us so I toss at it. My brother said he was tired of catching jack so he declined to throw into the madness. I got hit three times before getting buttoned up. This was a better class of fish. Thought it was one of them 12 to 15 pounds jacks but after a good battle a 10 pound permit pops up next to the boat. My first Cedar Key Permit. Caught them other places but not up here. We did manage a few trout and hook some unstoppable critters. but never boat a shark that was over 3 foot.

7/4 threw 7/6
Headed over to Suwannee for the holiday weekend. Knew there would be a bunch of boat traffic so only fished in the morning and sandbared on Saturday. Friday morning was bumpy which made topwater difficult. Missed 5 or six fish and boated a couple nice trout before I gave up and swiched over to stink bait for the many big uglys that were tailing. Only took one for me to stop throwing at them. lol Jacob got him one as well before calling it. Sunday was nice so we went outside looking for the ugliest, best eating fish alive. We were not disappointed. Boated 4 triple tail from 8 to 12 pounds. Both of my kids were stoked have never done that before.


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