Pompano 6/29

Around 6 am, I went out of Pompano looking for a wahoo. The water was glassy and had several weed patches. I got past the weeds around 140ft deep and decided to put in a Gogg. Saw a sail jumping around and decided to start rigging a second bait. While a half hooked Gogg was in my hand... ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz!!!!!! I quickly threw the Gogg back in the bucket and began fighting. After about 10 minutes with several gaff misses, I quickly realized that it's time for a longer gaff. I finally got it which ended up being a nice 42 inch King. My personal best.

After getting things back in order, the current took me about a mile north within a short amount of time. I dropped in two more baits and started heading back south. It didn't take long... Fish on!! Cranking in another fish that was fighting like a huge bonito. Several big runs, turning me all around, and tangling my lines. I see color, and its another smoker king. Try to gaff again with a swing and a miss:banghead:banghead. The king takes off touching my leader to my kayak and SNAP!! Gone. I check my other line and that bait was missing the front half. All my bait gone in a little over an hour.

If you don't lose, you will eventually win.
- Helio Gracie

YouTube - SoFlo Kayak Fishing
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