55lb Dolphin off Key Largo 6/27, and 6/28

Got out and spent Friday and Saturday trolling for Mahi off Key Largo. Spent most of the time blind trolling and working birds up to 20 miles offshore. Didn't encounter many weeds or debris beyond 300 ft deep.

Around 12:30 pm, we came up on a frigate tracking fish from about 30 yards up, with bait splashing below. Followed him for a few minutes, and our two trolled ballyhoo got hit. About a 30lb cow jumped and spit the hook, but this bull came aboard after a long fight. It hit a green skirted ballyhoo in 670ft, about 17 or 18 miles out. After getting home to Naples, we checked the accuracy of our two (he was too heavy for one individual 50lb scale) scales and confirmed that he had weighed in at 55lb. Not shown in the photos was a 4-inch slightly healed circular gash on his right side, which I'm guessing came from a shark or billfish.

We finished Friday with the big bull, a small blackfin tuna, and three schoolies.

Saturday, we had another cow throw a hook, but did get an 11lb cow(shown below), a 7lb cow, and two schoolie-sized fish off the troll. Each fish was alone.

There was plenty of slow fishing throughout the 2 days as was being reported by others, but we couldn't be happier after landing the trophy bull.


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