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Auto A/C Questions...

haydenfox!#$haydenfox!#$ Posts: 2,406 Captain
Since I'm not inclined in this type of thing I am at the mercy of mechanics that will not be honest. I'm hoping "those in the know" can guide me in a direction where I can save some money.

My wife has a 2006 Kia Sorrento with fairly low miles. The air just stopped working. It blows hot air. She took it to AAMCO and they said it had no Freon and for 230 bux they would charge it and go from there. My question is, couldn't they have old me a lot more about what could be ruled out to start with? Electrical issues come to mind as well as the compressor. A retired mechanic that helps out a lady at my wifes office already told us that the compressor was not seized up and might not be getting power. Why does it take Freon for AAMCO to tell me this much? Anyway, where do I go from here?


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