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Cabo San Lucas Wide Open BITE with Renegade Mike

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Every year the girlfriend and I always take a couple weeks vacation for some R & R. Earlier in the year we crossed over to the islands so this time it was her turn to choose. Before she even had the flights booked I had a charter set up with www.renegademikesportfishing.com. She didn't find that to amusing :nono lol. After looking at 20+ hotels we decided on the Hilton. Are room was very spacious and had a gorgeous view of the ocean and pool.



We settled in and had a relaxing Afternoon at the infinity pool drinking some Tequila and Pacifico Beers. **** those things are smooth. We got back to our room and I saw the red light blinking on the phone, it was Mike. He had a late cancellation on one of his charters and wanted to know if we were interested. I looked over to the wifey, must have been the three margaritas, to my surprise she was super excited to go. That was not the case when the alarm went off at 5 AM. We took a quick shower and had the continental breakfast on the go.

After a short 15 minute cab ride we pulled into the marina still under dark skies. We were greeted by Mike and his old school 31 Bertram. My girlfriend wasn’t very impressed but I sure love the classic design. On the way out we picked up a dozen live goggle eye from the panga boats. I was amazed when we pulled up alongside, they had their baits in the actual boat swimming in-between their feet. When I asked how they kept them alive, one of them smiled, grabbed a half cut water jug and bailed in some water lol.

It was fairly flat and the water close to Cabo had been dirty green so we decided to make the long 30 mile run to look for some warmer water. I don't know many charter captains that are willing to burn all that fuel. Most of the fleet stayed close to the beach that day. Running 18 kts we got into the productive water just over an hour and a half. His crew ran four lures, two naked ballyhoo and a weighted teaser.
After four beers and two hours of trolling the twin diesels picked up some speed and the captain yelled down from the bridge to get the harness on. I looked off in the distance and saw the water boiling. Porpoise everywhere.


As we pulled our spread through the school the short right and left rigger get slammed. These guys fish heavy drag and the tuna were peeling line off the reel like freight trains. I picked up the 50 Wide and made short work of the first 30 lbs yellowfin. I was very impressed with the amount of force one can apply with these stand up harnesses. The left long was still screaming. By the time I got to it she had dumped half the spool. The reel filled back fairly quickly until we were straight up and down. Here is where the two speed reel came in clutch. After a little bit of sweat we added a nice 40+ yellowfin to the fish box. This continued for a good two hours and the fish got small and smaller. We finally got tired of catching footballs and decided to look for another pod of porpoise.

Within ½ an hour we found a smaller school that had lock jaw. We trolled everything, including live bait with no takers. The sounder was marking good fish deep so the captain brought out the South Florida special.


Out comes the Bob Lewis Kite with a helium balloon. Mike attached an artificial flying fish to an 80 wide and let it out 75 ft behind the white water while we trolled two lures in the short position.


The Tuna automatically rose up and started crashing the skipping flying fish. I wish we could have filmed the yellowfin sky rocketing out of the water. We caught one yellowfin off the kite each pass until the smaller fish moved in. We were about to call it a day when the short right starts screaming. This time the fish didn't sound. It stayed on the surface the entire time. With the violent head shacks and the long initial run I thought for sure Wahooooo. I was already drooling over the sashimi we were going to eat for the rest of the trip when the monster fish started grey hounding off into the horizon. Big Mahi yells the mate from the bridge. I back off the drag as the spool got smaller and smaller. The fish made its last attempt to evade us by turning 180 degrees and charged the boat. I quickly reeled in all the slack and had the beautiful Mahi boat side. The first mate made quick work and stuck him square in the middle. It wasn't pretty, but got the job done. He called over the other mate to get a second gaff in him and over the gunnel he came. High fives went all around and we settled in for the long ride in.


Day two

Good thing we had a lay day between fishing days. Those Tuna put a hurting on my lower back. We spent the day down in the infinity pool drinking and had our Tuna prepared at the pool bar. **** it was delicious. The chef made us two plates of Sashimi and four rolls.


The wifey decided to stay in on day two and get pampered at the spa. Alarm went off at 5 am and she didn't move a muscle. I pulled into the marina and the boat was already untied ready to go. The captain showed me the updated www.terrafin.com charts on the way out and the clean water had pushed in from the East. That meant we were going to stay close to the beach and look for Striped Marlin. We head out until the water temp hit 81 degrees and set up our spread. Right rigger gets nailed and day two commenced. The 130 lbs striped Marlin started peeling off line and did everything in its power to get away. These marlin are very acrobatic. I think the fish spent more time in the air than in the water. In short work the marlin was boat side. We took a couple pics and sent her off to fight another day.


High fives all around and spread went out again. Off in the distance we saw another school of porpoise and this time the captain wanted in on the action. We both put on the harnesses and the mate took the wheel. Pass after pass with no luck. We started busting Mike’s balls telling him to get back up in the tower. I thought he was bad luck until the left rigger and long got smashed. We quickly opened the bail and counted to 6, locked it back up, double header Striped Marlin. He had redeemed himself. It seemed like the marlin had done this dance many times before. My fish would jump over his and vice versa. We pointed our rod tips together and did a little under over ourselves and we were in the clear. I kept mine off in the distance until the captain released his. We were 3/3 and it was only 10 am.


Beer came out again as things got real slow. I was about to pull the plug when I noticed a nice rip ahead. Mike and I came down from the bridge and in short order the long bait gets crushed. There was no need to open the bail on the naked hoo, the marlin inhaled it. The mate passed me the rod and we were tight again. This fish was about the same size as the other three we caught but fought like a champ. We brought him up for a couple pictures and sent him home healthy. Mike ordered the baits out again but I put up the white flag. 4/4 before noon, I was a happy man. Mikes boat is definitely not the newest boat in the marina but it had the most flags flying both days I was with him :grin lol…


Here's a short video of the new Andros 16 Mike is testing for Okuma.


Tight lines and thanks for reading....
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