NEW PERSONAL BEST BASS - Around 8 pounds

Went out for an hour or so to take advantage of magic hour this evening. The bite was terribly slow with only a few takers, all of which came unglued. At our last stop, i was working a bulkhead and right when the lure reached my feet, a pig of a Bass hammered the heck out of it! She ran drag and jumped all over the place. I caught her from a high bulkhead and it was nothing short of a miracle that nothing broke or gave. Somewhere around 8 pounds. My biggest Bass to date.

Bait Used
We were throwing a lot of different baits today including: Zoom U-Tails, Flukes, Finesse Worms, Trick Worms, Miradines, a variety of top water baits and finally, the winner, Zoom Frog in green and yellow color pattern.





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