Choloskee trip update.

Ok guys thanks to those who gave me information. We arrived in chokoloskee right at 6 am for the morning topwater bite. asaze9y2.jpg which was a success with a handful of small snook and a nice redfish for the box
That was about it for the am as the fish just were not feeding much tried sight casting to multiple different reds and even some monster 25-40 pound black drum with no success. So we pulled the plug at around 11am after getting rained on and refreshed it was Africa hot down there as always. The snook and red came on my go to super spook jr. In the black gold and orange scheme. We went out for the afternoon bite around 5:30 it was an in coming tide but still pretty low managed 3 legal trout and a solid handful of catfish lady fish and a jack all on the same lure and lost a red right at boat side probably lower to mid slot size. a4a3a2y2.jpgback at he dock we cleaned up the boat and ourselves ate dinner and headed down to the dock to consume some cold beverages 🍻and watch 2 guys from ft. Lauderdale play with the lemon sharks epe7a3ud.jpgryhaze9a.jpg called it a night around 1 and hit the sack. Was back at it early Sunday and was able to find a solid trout bite in a channel with lots of grass on the in coming tide lure of choice for me was a root beer and chartreuse tail cal shad on a black 1/4 ounce DOA jig head we caught around 20 fish on my boat 8 of which made the cut the rest had a couple inches to grow. Called it quits at 10:30 and headed in to clean fish and pack up
jy4yme4e.jpg. Washed down the boat and had a great lunch at the oyster house before leaving fried grouper sandwiches for all of us and worth every penny. Due to both boats having fuel issues we did not get to venture far from home base but hoping to return once more before hunting season starts with to good running engines. Mine was running fine once she started but getting it started was the problem and my buddies started like a champ but would die after going into gear. Go figure I ran my engine last Sunday on the water and 3 more times during the week with no issues and he fished 2 times the week of with no issues now both take a dump in the same trip that's my luck. 9emyvu9y.jpg


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