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BaldyBaldy Posts: 23 Greenhorn
The panel under my center console that runs back to the leaning post is soft so I want to get it repaired before the gelcoat flooring cracks. I have a hatch cover and felt it and it feels like plywood was the backing and it is delaminated. It's screwed down and I think I can raise the center console up and remove the panel. Boat is a '99 so may replace the fuel tank or at least the hoses while I have the panel off.

I also want to relocate the batteries to the center console so I want to get the floor rebuilt very strong.

Would you replace the tank anyway even if it looks okay? Would I need to remove it entirely to be sure it's okay?

What material should I have someone use to fix it?

Any suggestions on a source in Brevard County to do the work?


  • HighSpeedPursuitHighSpeedPursuit Posts: 176 Deckhand
    Sounds like a big job, not sure what area of the county you are in...but will PM you a number of a guy who is in the north end that does this kind of work. He has helped me with a couple of issues...does great work and is reasonable, works out of his house. Have no idea what the size of the boat you have, but I would not replace the tank...unless absolutely needed. He also can help with the fuel lines....please keep us posted.
  • Riptide31Riptide31 Posts: 478 Deckhand
    I used this guy once for a fiberglass repair and he was reasonable, and mobile. John Fleming , Final Touch Composites, 321 795 9660
  • fish_stixfish_stix Posts: 1,313 Officer
    When you get down to the tank check and make sure that any foam surrounding the tank is dry. Tank corrosion is caused most often by moisture staying in contact with the aluminum, and foam is usually the culprit. If you have rotted and wet plywood you probably also have wet foam!
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