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YETI Giveaway....

TripleXTripleX Posts: 1,774 Moderator
That's right, you read it correctly!! Here's your chance to win one of two YETI stickers... It's simple, pick a number between 0-500 for your chance to win one of two YETI stickers... Closest one to one of the two pre-selected numbers wins!! These stickers are brand new, never used and can be placed nearly anywhere... You get to pick three numbers, so make them count...


>No purchase necessary to win
>Must be an FS member
>Only one number selection per post-(Maximum of three picks)
>Should a member select more than the three allowed picks, all picks following their third will not be considered
>Should two or more members pick the same winning number, first one to pick it wins
>Only one sticker per winner
>No posts may be edited... If your post has been edited, it will not be considered
>The two winning numbers have been pre-selected and provided to Triple Threat for verification and safe keeping
>The two winners will need to PM me with an address to send the stickers, my cost
>Winners must post a pic of where they mounted the stickers

Deadline: All numbers must be submitted no later than Friday the 27th of June, 1800 hours est...

Good luck!!!!!


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