Late June 10k report

Hey everyone... was able to get out again, this time with no children, just a good friend who has never been inshore fishing before. Let me tell you it was another fun day! We went out Friday out of the Baron River, the tide was about an hour before high so I had an idea where I might find some activity on the incoming. First spot.. I was right.. there was a lot of bait, once again super small maybe the biggest were in the 2 inch range.. so again, I didn't net them. Lots of variety of fish on the bait schools, we were able to catch, mangos, spanish macks, ladyfish, jacks, trout and we saw some sawfish (wait.. is that proper grammar? lol)

So after getting tired of catching lots of those fish we set out (with some ladyfish and jacks in the livewell) to another spot, on the outside, pulled up and saw more bait, so we figured we would give this spot a try, lots of trout, cats (of course) and snapper, but we did put a ladyfish out, and the cool part is she was kind of sluggish and swimming on top of the water, my friend told me to look and asked me what THAT was.. well, it was a big cobia coming on top of the water to eat her up! so I handed the rod to my buddy and away he went. after around 15 minutes of fighting, got it close to the boat and SNAP.. there went the leader.. oh well... there goes dinner..

So afterwards we break for lunch and put out one of the foot long jacks we caught earlier, and sure enough.. around 10 minutes swimming around.. the drag starts screaming.. this time.. its a lemon shark.. and a big one.. took around 25 minutes to get it close to the boat (we weren't really rigged for big sharks) and it snapped at boatside.

Last stop before calling it an early day and we hit a spot I like on the outgoing, and it produced, lots of big snapper and gags. The biggest one of the day I caught on a jig with a ladyfish head. It took me under something and hung me up, had to open the bail and wait a bit, but the fight started again and I landed it! But, to my sadness and the grouper's happiness, it wasn't July 1st yet.. so I named it Lucky the Grouper.... (It looked so fat and juicy!!!)

and the Release

Anyways.. I would post the pics of my friend, but he has requested not to have any of his photos online, so I will respect that.

I will be heading out with the boys in a couple of weeks, so I will post a report then, thanks to everyone on this forum for being so kind and welcoming to me and my boys!



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