Shark Toothing: diving off Venice Florida

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Took a trip with the family and a friend to Venice Florida to do a two tank shark toothing dive. Venice is well known as a shark toothing destination and before kids my wife & I loved doing beach dives looking for sharks teeth. We always did well in shark tooth numbers but never found the elusive large Meg tooth (Extinct Giant White Shark (Carcharocles megalodon).

Boat Dive: We did two boat dives with the dive company Florida West SCUBA in 28 - 30 feet of water in the area called the “Boneyard”. The U/W conditions were pleasant with 82 ˚F water but with a poor 6 - 8 foot murky visibility - enough viz to look for teeth however.

Nice morning

Poor U/W viz

We only found a couple of teeth in our two dives (82 minutes each bottom time) which was a bit disappointing but I did manage to find my largest Meg tooth yet! So in light of that it was a successful couple of dives. There were to my knowledge two other good sized meg teeth picked up with a lot of bone material too (11 divers). Florida West SCUBA did a great job and was a fine company to dive with.

Beach Dive: In years past my wife & I always did well diving for shark teeth off the beach in 18 feet of water so my buddy and I did a beach dive off the Venice Service Park beach. We geared up & finned out 300 yards on the surface then dropped down to 18 feet of water. Viz was worse than off the dive boat but continuing to fin U/W west we hit an inshore reef in 22 feet, the viz improved to 6 -8 feet, and we started finding the characteristic black fossilized material in which you find sharks teeth. The pickings here were good but just like everywhere else there was a thin layer of sediment on everything.

95% of the teeth pictured below were from the beach dive.

Combination of Sand shark, Bull, Lemon, one Meg tooth (largest) and stingray mouth plates and barbs.



  • Triple Threat 33TTriple Threat 33T Posts: 18,669 Admin
    That Megalodon tooth is awesome. Based on recent reports, you may find the animal from which that tooth came if you're not careful. Or he may find you. :grin
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  • tsaddictiontsaddiction Posts: 87 Greenhorn
    That Megalodon tooth is awesome. Based on recent reports, you may find the animal from which that tooth came if you're not careful. Or he may find you. :grin
    Nice teeth but Meg's are like 7 inches. Ha
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    Nice!!! I never found a meg tooth but the stingray barbs are always a cool bonus find. Very cool post - thanks for sharing.
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    which one is the barb? the rectangle ones are crush plates, right??
  • Lobstercatcher229Lobstercatcher229 Posts: 4,843 Captain
    nice teeth
  • Big Bend BrianBig Bend Brian Posts: 1,410 Officer
    The three (3) pieces on the far left that are vertical are stingray barbs.

    Viewed with a stereoscope:

    Yes, the rectangular piece on the bottom are mouth parts.
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    Great post, very helpful thank you.
    I have done a lot of beach collecting around that area, and I have two questions:

    1) Would the best places to dive be the same as the areas you find most teeth on the beach?

    2) Would snorkeling be an effective way to collect some larger teeth? What depth is best for larger teeth?

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