Beachin it Everglades style

I headed out of OR as the sun was coming up yesterday morning. It had been a long while since I have fished down this way. With the early morning high tide and virtually no wind to speak of I decided to head to the outside to throw some topwater around some blowdowns on an outside beach.

Bait was everywhere and fortunately for me the snook where there as well. I fished for about an hour down one long stretch of beach with lots of blowdowns and caught 9 snook all between 22 and 26 inches. Even though there were no brutes, the fish were very aggressive. One of the smaller fish hit the skitter walk so hard it came all the way out through it's gill plate.

It was just the trip I needed....perfect weather, fast action, and back to the dock by 10 before any storms got me!


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