Question for 28 WhiteWater Owners

CNDCND Posts: 45 Greenhorn
Im curious on what props and size you are running for best fuel economy and placement of motors. Im currently running my 28 with twin 250OX66's on a bracket with 21P Mirage Props and my motors are placed all the way down. I have seen other WW with the same motors 1 hole open on top.I believe I have a couple dirty injectors as when coming off plane quickly to a stop 1 motor always stalls. I have never seen 2MPG with these motors but havent really been paying attention to fuel economy but as of lately I swear no matter how many miles I travel at any speed thats how many gallons Im burning. Motors have new plugs and 02 sensors. I never travel heavier than 100 gallons for the most part. Im guilty of running 87 octane though but run the fuel weekly. Could the injectors really cause that horrible of fuel burn? No performance problems boat is fast cruises 38MPH at 4000 RPM's most days but sometimes see 33-35MPH at same RPM's same sea state with same load?? Any ideas or suggestions as the fuel bill is killing me but not the right time to repower for me. Thanks


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