Lobster traps for florida keys resident

ashley24ashley24 Posts: 143 Deckhand
I recently moved to the lower keys in big pine and wanted to k ow if as a resident of the keys can i have lobster traps like we have stone crab traps? If so whats the regulations for this?


  • Roc N RolRoc N Rol Posts: 1,349 Officer
    No lobster traps for recreational, commercial only
  • GroundsPounderGroundsPounder Posts: 51 Deckhand
    Recreational trapping of lobster is prohibited. See here for more info; http://myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/recreational/lobster/
  • Captjohn5150Captjohn5150 Posts: 1,698 Captain
    It's so called illegal, but everyone that lives on a canal in the keys with a good current flow will have sea wall traps...a couple at least....I have never heard of anyone getting cited for a couple of traps off thier wall...once again it is illegal, but mostly frowned upon...anyone know of a sea wall citation....I've never heard of one yet....
    For the love of all outdoors recreational activities....what my spelling is off, that will learn ya. Pimping ain't easy unless u went to FSU, its a BS course.
    What do u get when you can connect the dots, color inside the lines, and get your release papers.....sentence served, times up at Felon sentenced university.
    Floridas first woman's college.
    The only difference between FSU and all the other colleges are other colleges accept you into the university's. At FSU you are taken into custody.
  • ashley24ashley24 Posts: 143 Deckhand
    Thanks for all your input. This helps
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