Help me ID these fish please.

Hey all, new to the forums, florida born and raised. Got into fishing while stationed in California serving in the USAF. Lotta awesome bass fishing and best of all, trout fishing. I'll miss the trout fishing quite a bit now that I am home.

Anyway, I know a bass from a gar, a snook from a cuda and catfish from a carp, but these panfish/sunfish ALWAYS confuse me. So if someone would be so kind as to help me ID these 3 fish, i'd be greatly appreciated. Based on the spot by the gill and verticle stripes I am assuming this is a mature bluegill but the colors are throwing me off since I am use to smaller lighter almost yellow bluegill. This one is the one that stumps me the most but maybe it's a spotted sunfish?? Due to the well......spots? lol And finally this one I think could be the red breasted sunfish.

Thanks guys.


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