Biscayne Bay 6/16

Well with the day off my good friend Joey, John and my self decided to go out and do some fishing. With good tides for the day our hopes were high for a successful day on the water.

As we cleared Bayfront we were greeted with a stiff wind and over cast conditions. Without hesitation I got the boat on plane and we were on our way.

From the start the day started off with tailing Bonefish. My first presentation was on target only to have the hook pull out and I was left with nothing more than a mangled shrimp! We made our way along the flats we continued to see tailing fish some would just not cooperate!

As a storm approached we had about 5-10 minutes before we had to run for cover. Fish pops up 15 feet in front of the boat doing a head stand! Joey flips the bait and were tight! Fish was landed, pictures taken and was released to fight another day.

After hiding for cover from a storm we were back out there. We had shots at Permit as well as Tarpon but a slam would have just been to good to be true in the conditions we had. After some frustration with Permit and Tarpon we went off in search of Bonefish again. Missed a shot and then right before we pole off three fish pop up, unable to refuse a well placed crab I was tight and the fish was off the the races. Fish was landed and released to fight another day!

All in all despite the windy and overcast conditions we had we made the best of it and pushed through the wind and made the best of our shots! Hopefully I'll be out again later this week I'll be sure to put up a report. Till next time.

Tidesright Charters
Capt.Alonzo Sotillo





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