6-11 out of choko!

Put in at OR about 6am and made my way out in front of rabbit key for the first spot! Water was low but coming in good so i tied on the skitter walk and tried my luck! I set down well off the bank and threw out around the flat first to see if any trout were around and got one but had many blow ups with no takers! Worked in to throw around the oyster banks and same thing there, had a couple good blow ups but they would never come back for it so when i noticed that i tossed a jig gulp combo into the same area and they were all over that! A few small snook and one nice red around that area! Tide was getting higher so i pushed my way into some of the coves down by bird key and soaked some cut bait up against the mangroves! Good results with that, three beauty top of the slot reds and of course a few kittys in the mix! When the tide was almost topped out i fished some of the outside points around the deadwood with cut bait and i gotta say there is a mess of snapper out ther right now with some decent sized fish in the mix! I downsized my tackle a lil bit and cut small pieces of ladyfish and had some fun with the snapper! Back at the dock by 1 and cranked up the ac in the truck, it was HOT out there yesterday!! Another beautiful day in paradise and i always feel so fortunate to have it in our backyard!


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