Hogfish Recipes

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I'm looking for some ways to cook hog snapper.
Thank you


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    Butter, frying pan, salt, pepper.

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    Small ones, scale, cut marks in skin, fry whole!
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    Hands down, my favorite recipe for mangos is the same I use for shrimp, scallops (posted once before) lobster and other white meat fish.

    Here is the scallop recipe from a different thread.

    Melt some butter a tad of EVOO in pan.

    Sear scallops (just salt and pepper to tase)

    Remove scallops, deglaze pan with white wine, add another pat or two of butter and squeeze half a lemon into Pan. Whisk together sauce on med. heat until thickened, pour over scallops OR save on side for the purists.

    Honestly, it's nothing crazy. Just good 'ole fashioned "picatta" White wine, butter and lemon = seafoods best friend.

    Read more: http://forums.floridasportsman.com/s...#ixzz2tnrnJJBf
    Only difference?

    -Pat dry the fillets
    -Light toss in flour
    -Lemon pepper, garlic powder and Italian seasonings on fish.

    Then same recipe....2:1 butter to EVOO in pan.

    I've posted this before, add capers to the sauce if you like. Honestly, this can be used for ANY bottom fish esp when meat fishing for snapper(Grunts, porgys, margates etc)

    However, IMHO Hogfish has such a nice delicate and sweet flavor that I choose not to screw it up with all the above recipe. Try it though, it's great and the Girlfriend/Wife/Lady companion will be quite impressed.

    Either in a hot skillet or on the grill (put foil down so you don't loose a single bite of the Hog :wink)

    -Butter, salt pepper, maaaaaaaaaybe a touch of lemon pepper if you desire.
    -Squeeze of fresh lemon at the very end.
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    Sounds good and thank you
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