Update for Early June - Goodland Area

Hi All,

The fishing has really heated up on the outside around Goodland and the Cape Romano flats.

I have been fishing with cut shrimp and a clacker rig (two egg sinkers above a swivel to 30lb leader and a 1/0 or 2/0 circle hook) The bait are out there, but you have to work to find them and I usually have my kids or a client on board, so patience is scarce. So we buy shrimp and work it, for now.

We have been blessed with a fish dinner after every trip out, Trout, Pompano, and Snapper.

(Note: see the disturbed flowing water behind me in this pic? The tide is pushing the water over the flats and creating the ripples in the water just on the other side, when I see this I go straight for it and hook up!)

Things I have been doing:

1. Look for moving and disturbed water (which means you have to fish during the tidal movements, anchor "up stream" and let your baits go with the flow to find where the fish are sitting)
2. Then...Bounce and work your baits back through the water column. (bounce, reel 1 revolution, bounce, reel 1 revolution)

The sharks have also been frisky, if you want to hook up with one of these great beasts, catch a Jack Crevalle and cut it in half, put it on a sturdy rig and go for a ride. I hooked up with a large Hammerhead in the Cape Romano channel last weekend, must have been between 6-8 feet long weighing in at over 200 lbs. I am part of the NOAA Apex Predator Program and we tag sharks for research, and if you would like to join the program just let me know and I will can point you in the right direction to get started, they send you a kit and tags so you can join the research team.

Here is a video we shot of the Hammerhead fight! (No tagging this one, they require we measure the sharks and I like my fingers...)

Tight Lines!
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