Middle Grounds Epic Adventure 6/6-6/7

I tend to do 1-2 Middle Grounds overnight trips a year with them all revolving around ARS season. This year I took a couple of friends plus my son and his friend. We launched from CK on Friday at 8:00ish and immediately ran to Seahorse to drop a bait trap to soak. We ran a little offshore to load up with cigar minnows and then ran back to find a trap full of pinfish. The trip was off to a great start. We set in for 60+ ride to a wreck just outside the grounds that we were going to chum hard for some snapper. The plan came together perfectly with a mix of mangroves up to 7 lbs. and a few surprise yellowtails to 4 lbs. We then ran to our first ARS hole only to find a boat with a dive flag too close to fish it. No problem! I have more spots. We ran a few miles and anchored and immediately started getting freight trained by 12-18 lb ARS. Within a couple of hours we had our limit and we started targeting mangos and beeliners with hopes of some red grouper. We fished & slept on and off until dawn and had a limit of mangos by then. We ran deeper with only 1 red grouper in the box with a pipe dream of somehow rounding out that limit. We put out a drift sock in 190' over some hard bottom and 8 drifts later we had a limit of red grouper to 8 lbs or so plus two very nice scamps. The kids had the best trip of their lives! We headed home around 11:00 AM with a day of fish and boat cleaning ahead. Finally got to the house at 11:00 and the kids stayed up for another hour or two talking about all the big fish they caught. Freakin awesome!!!!


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