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BIG URBAN BASS - 7 Pounder

Here's a solid Bass i picked up this morning fishing a pond near my home. Picked up several other good fish but this one was my best. I think it's my PB. Decent fish. All fish were caught on Zoom, U-Tails in Junebug color pattern. The fish once again, were in either deeper water or underneath low lying tree limbs keeping in the shade. Also found some in heavy pond grass on the drop offs. Found a few deep holes today and the biggest fish was under a submerged log in 20 feet of water. Lost a second monster in the same spot. I thought the other fish was a snag and sat there trying to get loose from this thing for 20 seconds or so before the "snag" started head shaking and threw the hook. It didn't give a bit and i thought for sure i had a snag. Not bad for an hour or so. Hopefully, this will be my last Bass report for a while. Im expecting my boat to be back from the shop tomorrow. Finally getting it back after a month in the shop.

This was my first video edit using Gopro Studio. Hope you enjoy it. You'll want to watch in HD for the full effect.
Thanks to Maverick for the idea. Gopro Studio renders slomotion effects a lot better than Movie Maker. I may take a class at FSCJ to learn Premier(well, get started anyway). Not neccessary but, i would love to get good with Premier. You can do a lot of amazing editing effects with it.



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