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Free Freshwater Tournament

The Snook & Gamefish Foundation is promoting their new app, "iAngler Tournament" by hosting a series of free tournaments. This weekend, there is a fresh water event that is managed through the app, and is FREE.

Anglers can visit www.ianglertournament.com for details and to create a user profile.

Then you just need to download the free app, iAngler Tournament, from your app store.

The gist is this: You go fishing, anywhere in the world, and log your catch using the app. It's simple to use - click a photo and enter a few basic data fields and then click "submit." Your catch goes directly to the tournament director, who then posts it to the leader board. The leader board is posted live, so you can track how other anglers around the country are doing and you can tell your friends to check in and watch as you climb up the rankings.

The data collected in this app will contribute to fishery science. The app was designed with the help of FWC's research division, other scientists and of course anglers. No personal info or private fishing data (such as locations) is shared with the public in any way.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me. [email protected].

Prizes are going to be sponsored by DOA Lures, among others.
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