Nuisance Otters

DKDDKD Posts: 371 Officer
I live on a saltwater canal in a relatively populated area. We have 2 otters in the canal that are regularly getting into my yard. They have caused some minor damage. They don't seem scared by my dogs, and have displayed some relatively aggressive behavior. I am worried that my dogs are going to get in a fight with the otter and get injured.

What are my legal options for removing the otters. A .22 would be very easy, but it would be illegal where I live and is NOT an option. Do I need a permit to trap the otter if I am just going to relocate it?

I already went to MyFWC. There is a section on nuisance animal removal, but the site has very little useful information. There are a number of different links that keep sending you in circles.


  • fish_stixfish_stix Posts: 1,281 Officer
    Your dogs are not going to get injured, they're going to die if they try to fight an otter. Those babies can turn around inside their own skin and bite you 15 times while doing it! They regularly kill and eat gators. Call FWC and get info on local nuisance animal trappers or look in the phonebook; yes, that ancient Yellow-Page thingy.
  • Capt M BrennanCapt M Brennan Posts: 488 Officer
    Well said fish_stix, I've had crews work in the water beside gators, but refuse to get wet when otters are around.
    Captain Mike Brennan
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  • FWCSnookFWCSnook Posts: 886 Officer
    You otter call a professional. Is this thing on?
  • everglades daneverglades dan Posts: 39 Greenhorn
    Turtle Man
  • Fish HaidFish Haid Posts: 8,122 Admiral
    Yes, you otter do something about it!
  • testerman28testerman28 Posts: 1,329 Officer
    ..funny.. you otter just get 'em relocated..
  • ALASKA GUYALASKA GUY Posts: 35 Greenhorn
    22 between the eyes, dumpster, I will not risk my Lab here in Alaska Or in my Yard in Fl to a Otter,****,snake,gator,ect. Black Bear,Brown Bear,sea otter,Sea lion (the worst) I can and will call my dog off a Moose.
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