off shore pe 5-31

hit the water 8:30 lots of weed 450 with lots of dolphin only problem was the were all 12 to19 inches moved out to 800 blind trolling got a double hook up one phin 26 inches and one black fin tuna about fifteen pounds tagged a couple of phins and released them . not much going on out there today a lot of shorts from listening to the radio.


  • gsweavergsweaver Posts: 848 Officer
    hey, you bent some rods... can't wait to get out there again!
  • Plastered2850Plastered2850 Posts: 1,698 Captain
    Tough fishing we went 30 off only 1 knockdown.
  • TLUVTLUV Posts: 265 Officer
    Same here. 30 out and 1 24" fish!!
  • followotherboatsfollowotherboats Posts: 445 Deckhand
    We got 2 in 600-800 feet of water off Elliot. Lots of fish but they had plenty of food already in the water so you had to work for them to bite. Caught 6 but only kepted 2 legal fish. Man the mats of weeds made me smile. HUGE patches!!! Sill looking for my 50 pounder. :)
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