oversized hound

caught off jupiter 60 balhoo


  • Fi$h2nguyenFi$h2nguyen Posts: 7,782 Moderator
    Don't think I've seen one that far offshore. How big was it? Wonder if it's any good as bait.

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  • freedomfreedom Posts: 16 Greenhorn
    66 ft of water, let him go
  • freedomfreedom Posts: 16 Greenhorn
    he was over 5 feet, which is bigger than my information say it should be. normal around 1-2 ft, warmer areas they can be 3-5 ft
  • flatsfisherflatsfisher Posts: 1,381 Officer
    a few years back i caught one ever bit of that size in 100 feet on a sardine, thought it was a sail at first when it jumped i was very surprised that they could get that big
  • StepaboStepabo Posts: 1,052 Officer
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  • swordawetswordawet 337 miles WNW of GTCPosts: 626 Officer
    Ballyhoo on steroids........must have been caught in the cooling waters of the nuke plant?
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  • wacanewacane Posts: 257 Deckhand
    I caught one exactly like that last weekend off of boca. Thought it was a baby sailfish for a bit and then I'm like what the hell???? Crazy looking thing
  • LurchyLurchy Posts: 388 Deckhand
    I believe you caught a flat needlefish. Nice catch. I have caught one many spring's ago on the edge.
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