Kingfish boats offshore = Tiger sharks from the Beach

We hit the beach and paddled out four baits. The bite had been slow, but the kingfish boats were thick offshore, which is always a good sign for tigers. First hookup was on Peter Buban's rod. It was a 9'9" tiger shark. After releasing that tiger, Will Fundora hooked up to another tiger measuring 9'4". While Tyler was paddling another bait his reel began clicking, but the shark got off. Then Peter's 80w went off and it was another tiger! It was also 9'4", but it was much thicker. My friend Zach was anxious to catch his first tiger. Peter's 130 went off and he gave it to Zach. It ended up being a big fat nurse shark.

Here is the video:

Overall, it was a great night of fishing.


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