Team ReelDiculous on the Dolphin

Been fishing Every weekend and wanted to post some pictures of some of the nicer Bulls we have been catching. The First one was the weekend before the Saltwater Classic. My Buddy David Put the smackdown on a Nice 32# Bull which was in about 600' and Believe hit a green and white skirted Hoo on a daisy chain.

The next One was the Weekend of The classic. Possibly the Roughest day we have fished so far, and if you fished the tourney you know what I am talking about. Fought this fish for a little over 50 minutes with windy conditions and water up to our ankles at some points. But Our Friend Alex was fighting the fish and he was determined to get his Biggest Bull yet. He hit a green Stubby Bubbler on the starboard rigger. The fish went 46.6# for the W and the check in the Dolphin Category.

This Past weekend I had a very good friend fishing with us from North Carolina. He had never caught a nice dolphin or a Tilefish before. So those were our targeted fish. On Saturday we had High hopes of slamming fish since the bite has been so hot. We trolled all the way out to 600 without a knockdown. so around mid day we decided to tile fish and knocked that one off of his bucket list. So with Higher hopes we went out Sunday the 25th and again trolled out deep with nothing. I was starting to feel bad as I was telling him we have been slamming fish. Well we chalked it up as a loss and were kind of down on our luck, when my buddy spots some nice weeds in 280' north of the boat. We decide to mozy over to it. BAM three lines go off. We grab them, My budy has a nice20-25lb cow by far his biggest dolphin so I was all smiles for him. I could tell I had a good fish on my rod as he was peeling line and then the Big Bull of the day comes sky rocketing out of the water. We got all three fish in the boat and the Bull Went 43lbs even. My buddy was so excited he had to get his hands on it. The season has been good for us! Hope yall have been catching them up.


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