Coming in to Delray 7/18-21 for a wedding, what gear to bring for beach fishing?

Staying at a Marriot on the beach and have spare time so what opportunities will I have?

What type of gear should I bring, spinning, fly, both? Weights and lengths?

Flys, lures? Any help would be appreciated.




  • zzzzzzsplashzzzzzzsplash Posts: 499 Deckhand
    Snook are your best bet. Lightweight spinner, 10-15lb mainline, a few feet of 30-50lb leader, Rapala x-rap in ghost color or a bucktail jig with soft swim body pinned on. I like a green, blue or white bucktail with Gulp pogy or mullet on it, but everybody has their opinion. Surf cast in the morning and late afternoon, the closer to sunrise and sunset the better. They are a blast in the surf if you can find them, and summer is usually the best time.
  • Recoil RobRecoil Rob Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    Thanks zz, 7,8 9 ft rod? How far will I have to be casting? Weight of bucktail? Do they take a fly at all?


  • RG AirRG Air Posts: 284 Deckhand
    7ft will do just fine. you shouldn't need to cast out as much as you need to cast parallel to shoreline. Bring good sunglasses and cover some ground.
  • bobert421bobert421 Posts: 397 Deckhand
    I walk the beach a lot with a 4000 Penn Battle on a 7' foot rod. I've seen people with a lot heavier tackle out there but it is over kill. Distance isn't an issue usually. Fan cast in all directions in a spot, then walk a little bit and do it again.
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  • RG AirRG Air Posts: 284 Deckhand
    bobert you should just take us out on that fancy boat.
  • Beto_MatheusBeto_Matheus Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    Look for rocky spots that usually hold some fish, otherwise it is sight fishing as there's not a ton of fish out there. But, you get some small jacks and on occasion, snook and tarpoon cruising along the beach. Gear-wise the advise others gave is right. It's more about finding the fish than on what they'll bite.

    Good luck!
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