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Diving the Rainbow River Today, New Video

Panfishangler1Panfishangler1 Posts: 885 Officer
My Dad wanted to test out some new gear. We both took the day off and went Diving. Here's a little video I put together. It was an Awesome Day on the River!



  • FishshrimpsnorkelFishshrimpsnorkel Posts: 1,396 Officer
    Beautiful! I love the upper half of the river. Haven't been for a couple of years, but hope to sometime this summer. Cormorants, anhingas, and otters are plentiful, as well.
  • BallaCoiPersiciBallaCoiPersici NW Italy (Laveno Mombello)Posts: 5,967 Admiral
    Very, very nice.
    Some fishes there :grin.
    And unbelievable clear water.
    No gators ?
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  • Sea SnakeSea Snake Posts: 5,531 Admiral
    My dad has a home there on the rainbow....it's a beautiful place that's for sure !!!
  • Panfishangler1Panfishangler1 Posts: 885 Officer
    Ballak wrote: »
    Very, very nice.
    Some fishes there :grin.
    And unbelievable clear water.
    No gators ?

    Right after I left the Gar spot, An averaged size gator came out of no where and made its way across to the other side. I wish he came out while I was over there. I believe he was waiting for me to leave haha.
  • Machine HeadMachine Head Posts: 2,634 Officer
    Sweet vid I need to check it out one day
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