Advice About Jig Fishing

I was just watching a fishing show on you tube where they were using a heavy jig head with a large (5 in) swim bait to fish a deep ledge in a shipping channel to catch bull reds when it occurred to me that technique might work well at Haulover Canal in Titusville as well during the winter bite (because I catch a lot there fishing live shrimp with a carolina type rig popping it along the bottom with the current). Problem is I've never mastered jigging. Since I wade fish, I would be casting from the spoil shoals into the canal so I'm guessing I would want to cast up current - let it fall to the bottom - then work it back towards me slowly - using the rod tip to pick the jig up 1 to 2 ft off the bottom - then dropping it back down. Do you pop the rod or just lift the bait? Slow/fast retrieve? There are a lot of snags plus I read somewhere working a jig uphill is difficult. Any tips about technique and jig types that would work in this scenario would be greatly appreciated?

Also, how do you work a jig/zoom fluke/swim bait combo through the grass on flats without hanging it up or catching a ton of grass?
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