Graduation Gift

My son graduated high school yesterday. I have accounts I started for all my children for a graduation gift. My son Jose wanted a small boat. I searched for months and purchased this 2008 Key Largo 1660 with a 50 hp Yamaha for a great price. It only had 20 hours on the motors and was in great shape. We gave it to him Tuesday afternoon.
He umpires little league, so he had to work that night, so we took it out yesterday. He has been around boats his whole life and has driven mine plenty of times, but this is the 1st time he can go out by himself. I went with him but made him do all the work. It took him 3 tries to get it down the ramp to launch it. We go out of Homestead Bayfront to launch. We went to sands cut to pull on a few snappers to get used to the boat. It was windy and choppy I got wet as can be. We anchored in the cut closer to the Oceanside. Tide was going out and the current was ripping. He saw something chasing bait around the mangroves, so he was tossing his lure towards that. I free lined some squid in the chum slick. It only took 2 minutes to have 200 yards of line out. We were talking trash on who will get the 1st fish on the boat. It was me. I caught a nice Mutton snapper. He then put his pole down and starting flat lining with me. Few minute later he caught his 1st fish on his boat.
We ended up with 5 keeper muttons, a large mangrove snapper and a monster grunt. We tossed back plenty of smaller mangroves and small grouper and I caught a big nurse shark at the end.
All fish were caught with squid on a 1/0 hook with no leader on 20 lb test. On him pulling the boat out, it took him about 10 tries to get the trailer down the ramp straight. Here I am holding the camera to see if he slips on the ramp.
From going out with me hundreds of times and seeing many people slip, he knew to hold on.


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