Where's the bait PC??

I'm heading to the port Saturday. Iv never fished it before. So where's a good area to start looking for bait. Beaches north south inside the port?? Cast net friendly area??




  • Canaveral OffshoreCanaveral Offshore Posts: 16 Greenhorn
    Lots of bait off the beach right now.

  • bay20bay20 Posts: 1,490 Officer
    pogies are everywhere in the port on the beach not to hard to find get out in the 30ft to 50ft area plenty of threadfins to be sabiki'ed up
  • Kapt.HookKapt.Hook Posts: 431 Deckhand
    Thanks for the quick replies guys!!
  • KnotplayinKnotplayin Posts: 42 Deckhand
    Port has all you want. close to cruise ships and near sub entrance.
  • cflcyclepartscflcycleparts Posts: 212 Officer
    If your net isn't long enough for the port, try next to the cocoa pier. We had more than we could count last weekend. They were holding thick on the bottom in about 13-16 ft of water.
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