Quick vid of some grouper trolling and deep dropping.


  • privateer19privateer19 Posts: 406 Deckhand
    nice looking fish
  • isla21isla21 Posts: 2,115 Officer
    Sweet video!

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  • Uncle BuckUncle Buck Posts: 1,192 Officer
    Great song! Adding that to my iPod now. :dance
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  • swordawetswordawet 337 miles WNW of GTCPosts: 626 Officer
    Cool trip
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  • soflah3soflah3 Posts: 589 Officer
    Great trip!
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    Very nice!
  • BarracudaBarracuda Posts: 767 Officer
    Great trip, enjoyed the video!
  • Flight RiskFlight Risk Posts: 2,473 Captain
    Good job on the Video GT, nice catch.

    Pura Vida!
  • StepaboStepabo Posts: 1,052 Officer
    OMG WHO'S DRIVING the BOAT!!!!!!!
    WHO'S DRIVING the BOAT!!!!!!!!!

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  • Launch 'emLaunch 'em Posts: 96 Deckhand
    Looks like 'Good Times' had by all to me!
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  • PaulBoatPaulBoat Posts: 4,389 Officer
    nice vid / leader / gaff work Pat!!!!!!!!
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