Wouldn't want to run into this

We were trolling off Marathon Monday in about 110 feet of water and nearly ran into this! An entire tree with just the trunk exposed, it went straight down about 40 or 50 feet. Encrusted with barnacles but surprisingly held nothing worth while.
Couldn't see it cause of the chop, missed it by only a couple feet.


  • Fi$h2nguyenFi$h2nguyen Posts: 7,782 Moderator
    Yep, that could've been ugly. We once ran over a submerged log, luckily no permanent damage. Surprised it didn't hold any fish.

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  • LastMangoLastMango Posts: 4,574 Officer
    And that would be why I very very rarely plane off at night, just not worth it...
  • robgfishrobgfish Posts: 211 Officer
    Can't figure out why all my posts are coming out with picture rotated?
  • USNavy_AnglerUSNavy_Angler Posts: 473 Officer
    Scary, have to wonder where it came from...
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  • Dream RealityDream Reality Posts: 893 Officer
    LastMango wrote: »
    And that would be why I very very rarely plane off at night, just not worth it...

    Likewise. I cringe when I see people running at night. Especially in the ICW. I just hope who ever is running, doesn't run into me at night with my family on board. Aayyyayie
  • jr9701jr9701 Posts: 157 Officer
    Even with my GoLight on at night I cant see enough of the water. it scares me to think whats out there
  • Ron@.38 Special[email protected] Special Posts: 6,875 Admiral
    Ran over a log one day also, could not see it in the chop, limped home to a $1400 shaft and prop bill
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