Hogfish On Hooks (Pic Heavy)

Hey guys,

Its been a while since I have posted. Been doing a little traveling and also some fishing. Over the last month I have gone Hogfishing a few times down in the keys. All the trips have produced, but there have been a lot of small hogs. That's not a bad thing, since it means they are reproducing and there will be plenty of hogs later in the season, but it is a bad thing when you're trying to fill the cooler for dinner.

Our first trip out I missed a Hogfish that would have surpassed my biggest landed hog to date which was 9.9lb's in August of last year. The worst part is she was within netting distance when the hook pulled. About 20 minutes later she was on the end of my line again and after a few hard runs she broke me off :banghead. It hurt so bad, I was shaking. Biggest hog I've seen in my life!

Anyways in our last three trips we managed to catch plenty of hogfish, I took my sister out and she was instantly hooked. She only likes going deep sea fishing because she likes fish "that fight" but after our first trip she is on board every time we go out for hogs. I also managed to put my mom and girlfriend on their first hogs as well, so overall it has been a pretty solid month of Hogfishing.

We have been using Supershrimp chum by www.AquaticNutrition.com to chum up the hogs in the deeper reefs with good results. In short this chum is made up of what Hogfish eat. It is then made into three different pellets that dissolve at different rates. One bag of SuperShrimp will last us the entire fishing trip. What I like most about it, is that it doesn't seem to attract all the other trash fish like ordinary chum will.

Lastly My dad caught a flounder which is a first for us. We were quite surprised when he reeled it up. Have many of you guys in the keys caught a flounder? wondering if its rare or pretty common? There's a photo of it beneath.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the photos












  • heavychevy15heavychevy15 Posts: 838 Officer
    love how the hogs have that digi camo look
  • JI SnookJI Snook Posts: 676 Officer
    Good eats right there!
  • Reel MullarkeyReel Mullarkey Posts: 1,869 Captain
    I caught my first Hog fish a few weeks ago at a bridge in Jupiter using fiddler crabs for bait. Mine was shy of a keeper but I was glad to finally catch one! Nice flounder and thanks for the info.
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  • The Cat's EyeThe Cat's Eye Posts: 1,298 Officer
    Very interesting post.

    Fifty plus years ago when i first started fishing we would occasionally catch a flounder now and then. We also dove around the bridges and bay and would spear one occasionally. I caught only two large flounders back then while snook fishing. One was 6.5 lbs and the other was a tad over 4 pounds. Both were caught from shore. Since then i have only caught a few small ones, mostly in Fla Bay near Flamingo.

    The shrimpers that drag nets in Biscayne Bay catch decent size flounders practically every night, but they cover miles of grass beds, so there really are not enough of them to target in Biscayne Bay. i once lived next to a young man that did this type work (Shrimp dragging) for a couple of months, and he brought home so many legal sized flounder that his family got tired of eating them. (They were not big on eating fish). If the shrimp draggers were not allowed to work in Biscayne Bay i believe we would see a lot more of them.
  • miami muttonmiami mutton Posts: 1,132 Officer
    Great job Carlos
  • HumpinitHumpinit Posts: 199 Deckhand
    What bait did you catch them on. Ive never particularly targeted them on line but might want to try in the future. My uncle once told me that you use dead shrimp. Nice catch btw.
  • Ron@.38 Special[email protected] Special Posts: 6,934 Admiral
    You the Hog man!
  • TimbaTimba Posts: 225 Deckhand
    Great pics man did u get those free lining

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