Boat Launch in West Broward

I need to get my boat in the water to test a few things before an upcoming 1 week vacation in the keys and I'm wondering if there's anywhere in the Wet Pines / Weston area that I can do this at. I really just need to get the boat in the water and run the engine for a bit then make sure that a few holes that I recently sealed up with 5200 are water tight. In short, I don't need to run around, in fact I can probably just idle at a dock for an hour or so and be done with it. Any suggestions? I have a 23' center console.



  • Captain BackyardCaptain Backyard Posts: 437 Deckhand
    Holiday park
  • kckc Posts: 449 Officer
    Or Markham Park
  • war birdwar bird Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    Holiday Park actually would work pretty well as I'm very close to that facility. Thanks!!
  • TLUVTLUV Posts: 265 Officer
    You may **** off some bass fisherman at holiday. A lot of people are fishing out there due to the low water levels. I would say the west ramp at markham.
  • HialeahAnglerHialeahAngler Posts: 9,612 Admiral
    I would suggest Markham as well. Holiday will work but that's a big boat, and expect lines. you'll probably take up all the dock space too. why get people angry at you while they're trying to go fishing?
  • AlexlikestacosAlexlikestacos Posts: 38 Greenhorn
    I've done the asme at markham with no issues

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  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,196 Captain
    I've used Markham for years when I need to test a motor (or even do a bit of trailer repair). The only drawback with a bigger hull (mine is only 17'...) is that the ramp is pretty steep. You're going to want a set of chocks for your tow vehicle for safety on the ramp, period. The best part about Markham is that during the week you won't be paying a fee of any kind -and you'll mostly have the ramp and docks to your self.....
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  • weetzaweetza Posts: 156 Officer
    Or one of the numerous ones on C14, Rock Island and Southgate, ect.
  • TGunnTGunn Posts: 1,854 Captain
    Just to be clear, are we concerned about annoying the bass fishermen?

    Particulary the ones who are travelling up and down the canal at Holiday Park within 15 feet of me in the canal doing over 70mph?

    I'm pretty much putting my life at stake on their Busch Light-soaked ability to not chine-walk their metal flake, O-Boy-Oberto-wrapped rocket canoes over the top of me 30+ times a day at Holiday Park, so I'm pretty sure if I needed to test some thru-hulls on my boat that I wouldn't be too concerned about bothering any of them.
  • Captain BackyardCaptain Backyard Posts: 437 Deckhand
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