Out for some Mahi-Mahi 5/25

Great to be back out on the water again. Even better when you have something to show for. Headed out with a good buddy at dawns break this past Sunday morning. Seas were calm, water was clear, and the view on the way out was welcoming. Headed out South past Key Biscayne, till we reached about 800ft and some large weed patches. We were already on the troll at this point so decided to work the perimeter. Paid of great as we landed the biggest one of the day. Worked the area little longer and nothing more then a couple of under sized schoolies, we proceeded to pick up and set up camp elsewhere. We where able to ice 3 more keepers and catch & release a few more. All and all a fun and productive day out. Congrats to my buddy Jorge for getting his Mahi-Mahi cherry popped!!! :grin


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