1985 Cuda Craft 17'6"



  • Nomad15Nomad15 Posts: 30 Deckhand
    Did you make an account just to price bash this guy? You did it in a nice way but it still was an *** hole move.
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  • mike loudenmike louden Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    I wasn't trying to price bash his boat he said he had a lot of interest but no one would pull the trigger and I was just throwing out there why I and many other buyers had a hard time spending nine thousand dollars on a boat that's almost thirty years old , I've sold several boats that were ten to fifteen years old in good shape and the first thing most buyers didn't like was the age , he is dropping the price and that's going to help sell it when someone buys it and later sells it its going to be a problem for them , I see a lot of people selling boats here and on craigslist and a lot of them are over priced you very seldom get out of a boat what you've put into it. people seem to think their boat that they put time and money into and have fixed it up the way they like and have lots of good memories are worth more than they really are,as far as ***hole moves we all make them including you!!!
  • GTSRGTSR Posts: 750 Officer
    Its a great boat and decently priced, imo. I have a similar sized boat with the same size trolling motor. It does just fine. Into the wind and current, no issues for me.
  • nicknick Crystal RiverPosts: 4,846 Captain
    Post up some better pics. Especially the deck layout.

    Boat looks good and that Yamaha is bullet proof.
  • rkmurphyrkmurphy Posts: 71 Greenhorn
    Hey mike...I appreciate and respect your opinion but I feel it was best taken up with me privately, man to man. I understand the basis for said opinion and agree with most of what you said but would like to refute some of your claims. 1) age...I have seen boats from the 60s go for more money than I'm selling mine for because of the history, cleanliness, and rigidity of the hulls. To the common buyer, age may be a factor but, my boat doesn't just appeal to the common buyer. It's a semi-classic boat with modern appeal and styling. 2) the motor's age is irrelevant. This isn't a 50s Johnson...it's a highly sought-after 2 stroke that is no longer made. I and most of us are aware that guys are STILL putting these motors on their new boats. If you're lucky, you can still find new-old stock of the Yamaha 90 2 stroke. This is a great alternative. A low hour motor that's been VERY well cared for. Plus...in boat terms, it's not that old...at all. 3) the trolling motor works perfect and I have never had a problem. If the wind is so strong that it's not letting me go anywhere, I probably shouldn't be fishing.

    The assigned value is not because of the sentimental value. It's because of the real value I've placed on it due to much research and comparables in the market including all factors: hull, motor, and trailer.

    I am confident that the negativity you brought to my for sale ad will not affect my sale. I wish you the best.
  • JCrove06JCrove06 Posts: 59 Greenhorn
    Beautiful boat...I hope it or something similar (for your sake) is available in a couple moths when I am able to purchase one.

    On a side note....Are you Rick Murphy the celebrity fisherman?


    Capt. JC
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