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I fished the striker tourney out of ponce with my adult children Charlie,Caroline,Randy, and Kimberly on
5-23 and 5-24. We all had a great time and I mostly held the wheel all day and let them take care of everything else and I was impressed at the job they did rigging ,gaffing ,setting lines,clearing weeds, and cleaning up Blood. We caught 6 nice fins on the first day weighed in a few :fishing20lb fins and were on the board for awhile. Tried for a king in shallow and got shortstuck:banghead We found the dolphin fish running a rip in 160 and a lot of people were in on the action.:fishing Day2 we again tried for a king with no luck so we punched on out minus I crew member Caroline. We went south to clear boat traffic and the weedline was week till later in the day so we worked scattered grass in 230 kinda slow till noon had 1 15ish bull in the boat then the dinner bell rang for awhile and we got a 39lb Bull in the box:cool: we thought we might pick up a few coin with this and the other fish total weight by points but it wasn't to be. Picked up a nice shimano spinner on a drawing though. We ended the final day with 5 phins and a bullet blackfin that hit a squid teaser. It was a great event especially with all the kids on board.


The plus one part of the thread is we fished Mon 5-26 with my daughter Kimberly and son Charlie and his girlfriend we did a combo top and bottom seas were bouncy all day caught a king 2 boneheads on a high speed troll while we punched out to deeper water.had decent action caught a trashcan red grouper some nicesize b-liners a few small AJs redsnapper and 2 small dolphins. Ill post a few more pics later.



  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 20,190 AG
    Looks like a great weekend.... :)
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  • AOKRVsAOKRVs Posts: 2,003 Captain
    Thanks for the report and pics
    looks like a great couple of days with family on the water
    and you put some meat on the table nice work capt

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  • Docked WagesDocked Wages Posts: 2,911 Admin
    Great day with the kids, built some good memories they wont forget.
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  • tunamantunaman Posts: 3,767 Captain
    Think we saw you at the weigh-in. We only have a 21 ft Seahunt, guess it would of been ok last weekend, pretty good conditions but generally speaking the tourney is for the big money boys with the 36+ ft boats. Not complaining, am actually envious! Nice job!! Was happy to see the guy in the what 24 footer win the Dolphin first prize??
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