Traffic Light at SW 344 St. and US1

Is it me, or is that light too short on green for north/south and much, much longer on green for east/west?

I know it backs up there, particularly coming out of the Keys, but yesterday I waited 10 changes of the light (that I could see) coming from the stretch. I suppose it's nice when coming from ENP.


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    Traffic light durations are controlled by a central computer. The traffic engineers try and figure out traffic patterns and program the lights for the two daily rush hour periods. Usually during rush hour traffic moving south from Downtown Miami in the late PM has priority over traffic moving north towards downtown. This is reversed in the morning rush hour. This is due to the fact that 100,000 plus people commute to downtown on a daily basis Mon through Friday.

    If the light is longer going North on US1 during a normal weekend it could be out of wack. If this happened during an special event or holiday forget about it, since this programming does not take events and holidays into consideration, as far as i know.

    Years ago i once contacted these traffic engineers about a light at Sunset & 107th Ave that was very short for drivers moving east during the LATE rush hour. The left turn arrow was so short that only about three cars could make the left turn. This resulted in one of the lanes on Sunset being blocked from a back up of drivers waiting to turn. The backup was so bad that traffic was backed up for one mile. Rush hour drivers going west in the late afternoon were in much better shape at this intersection, since the light was programmed to give them priority.

    The engineers actually listened to my complaint (Which is amazing in it self) and took a look at the intersection. They finally re-programmed the light and made the left turn arrow stay on longer and this solved the problem.
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