5/24 & 5/26

Fished hard this weekend.

5/24- Made the run from the port down to bug light to see what its like to bait fish in miami. Man that was easy! Couple of throws of the net and we were set. The fishing was real slow down there unfortunately. We ended up trolling back home with the current and picked up a few schoolies. By this time we committed to staying out for the afternoon tuna bite off of the port since we had the bait. We dumped our pilchards and my buddy slayed a nice 25 pounder at 4pm. We were doubled up briefly but pulled the hook on the other. Also ran into some LARGE bonita's. Havent seen them that big around here.

5/26. Decided to use our leftover bait and head up to boca. Slow up there as well but we caught quality fish. A few nice kings and our first cobia of the season. Back in by lunch. FWC was actually out on the edge checking fish. He asked to see our cobia and told us he was just happy to see a fish because nobody has caught anything yet. So that made us feel better about our morning. Was probably my last venture offshore for a while. Time to save some fuel and focus on my passion. Summertime snook! Good luck this week
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