Titusville (Indian River Lagoon) 5/25

Made it out at first light this morning - I knew the trout bite was going to be on the minute I stepped in the water because glass minnows were everywhere. Overcast, slight breeze to my back, fishing the potholes/creek mouths on eastern shore of the Indian River lagoon near Catfish creek. Broke in a new topwater plug - I usually throw a Skitterwalk but couldn't find the size I wanted so tried out a Top Dog Jr (chartreuse and white). Had a strike on my first cast - and a strike or follow on just about every other cast after that for about the first hour or so. Only two were worth talking about - one gator close to eight pounds - and another over five - plus a whole bunch of schoolies mixed with a few slots - and I missed more then I caught. Was off the water by 1PM (and the bite really ended before noon).

The water was pretty clear (into the wind stirred up the bottom later) - and the grass was growing pretty well (still patchy in places but the best I've seen it in a couple of years). Also, saw a bunch of manatees and a couple of alligators. Just another day in paradise!

Tight lines all!
There are only so many casts in life, so shut up and fish!!


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