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Hunting lease

My neighbor is looking for three members to fill his hunting lease near Fisheating Creek (Palmdale, Florida) this coming season. The lease is 3,900 acres and will have no more than 8 members maximum.

This is mainly an archery lease, with shotguns allowed for spring gobbler and bird hunting (dove, quail, snipe, etc. ). Also, muzzle loaders are allowed for the brief state muzzle loading season. Other than that it is archery only. There is electric and a well on the lease, which members can hook their camps up to. Hog, deer and turkey populations are excellent. Presently, we are in our 9th year as an archery lease.

Membership, with a full lease, will be $7,315.87 per member. This is a is a high quality lease with very good members.

Interested individuals can call Don at: 305-304-3791 or send an e-mail to: [email protected]
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