New to fly fishing..

CentralJoshCentralJosh Posts: 59 Deckhand
I have had little fly fishing experience and I am just getting into saltwater Flying, my question is for snook / redfish / trout what size hooks do you guys use? #2? Thanks!
I'm also looking to catch my first baby tarpon on a fly, I've seen blue or black / purple combinations, are those for baby ones as well?


  • tarponhuntertarponhunter Posts: 343 Deckhand
    Sizes 1/0 thru #6 will all work for snook trout and redfish and the sizes between brands varies a lot. The size is more dependent on the fly you are tying, for a small minnow type fly i like hooks size #2-4 gamakatsu sc15 but for larger streamers I like 1/0-#2 owner hooks which are a little stronger. As for baby tarpon flys black and purple is the way to go but another good color depending on where you are fishing can be just white but really and color can work on any given day you just never know.
  • CentralJoshCentralJosh Posts: 59 Deckhand
    I'm in the Tampa area, mostly the Gandy, if you're over that way. What is the difference between 2 and #2? I just ordered my first set of flies.
    Also, what size tippet would you reccomend?
  • tarponhuntertarponhunter Posts: 343 Deckhand
    I live in the Ft. Lauderdale are. As far as the difference between 2 and #2 they should be the same but there is a difference between 2/0 and #2, 2/0 being the bigger one. I could be wrong and if I am hopefully someone will correct me. As far as tippets go i like to keep it simple i like a short butt section of usually 30 or 40lb mono with a loop tied in the end and from there i will attach a length of whatever tippet i plan on using. For redfish and trout 20lb floro is fine but for snook you will want a little heavier so they don't wear through the leader, i like 25-40lb floro depending on how clear the water is.
  • redheadredhead Posts: 120 Officer
    I've got a deal for you. I'm new to tampa. Helpme with the area and I will help you with fly fishing.
  • CentralJoshCentralJosh Posts: 59 Deckhand
    Hey redhead send me a PM I have a little j14 center console and everything
    @ tarpon Hunter, thanks for the help I appreciate it a lot
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