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Native Slayer Propel

Located in Lakeland, FL

$2200 obo... the only trade I would be interested in is a Hobie PA 14

Total Retail $2746.93
Slayer Propel $2399
Spare Propeller $28.99
Cam-Lok Paddle Holders $28.99
2- Anchor Trolley $60
Front Hatch Cover $78.99
High/Low First Class Seat Organizer $89.00
2- Flush Mount Rod Holders $27.98
2- Flush Mount Rod Extenders $23.98
Stainless Steel seat hardware $10

This is a very nice kayak for inshore and freshwater fishing. Even gulf coast "surf" launches are no problem. I actually prefer the Slayer Propel over the Pro Angler for those situations. However the Hobie kayaks perform better in the bigger east coast surf. That is the only reason I am going back to the Hobie.







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