Cedar Key 05/21

With Little League season behind me now, Cher and I decided to head to Cedar Key. Didn't look like the best day, but winds were down, so why not. As we were backing down into the water at the Ramp, Poppadock showed up with his friend Peggy. If you ever need you boat detailed, you need to take it to the RHR&GC. Seems Fishin Rod does a stellar job cleaning up the boats. Mine was quite messy from sitting so long and Poppdocks made it look even worse. :cry
They headed out for Trout while Cher and I, due to a high tide though we would try for Reds. Artificials only. Picked one of the islands out and moved down the shoreline. Saw some reds but got no action. Finally I eased us up along a bar, gave it a cast and FISH ON !! Took me under the boat a couple of times but manged to bring him to the Net Girl.

24 inches on the button. I can smell the One Eyed Grandma's Louisiana Grill Redfish right now. We continued down the bar, then Cher hooked up. Thought we had another Red, but turned into a 20 inch trout.

I'd like to say we continued to slay them, but afraid not. After several moves all we were seeing were Jacks, Ladyfish, Sea Bass, Pinfish and one catfish. Several small trout but they were even few. I did keep one Jack for the smoker. Need some fish dip (thanks Capt Ed). We also threw several Silver trout into the cooler.
Water temps were 75.6º. With the heat coming up this weekend, that will not last. Not the best day, but then again, we have not been in so long now. Cher's son is coming up for a visit this weekend. Looks like fish for dinner.

Never seem more learned than the people you are with. Wear your learning like a pocket watch and keep it hidden. Do not pull it out to count the hours, but give the time when you are asked. --- Lord Chesterfield


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