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Unique Offer - 400 CORBON total package, barrel, ammo, components and dies.

This is a rare opportunity to turn your 1911 into something special. The 400 Corbon uses a drop in barrel that fits your std. 5" Govt. size 1911 and generates over 600 ft/lbs of energy using a 10mm/.40 cal bullet. This round uses the same magazine as the .45ACP as the cases are actually .45's necked down to a .40 cal. I love this round!!!
I have the drop-in barrel, 250 rounds of Original Corbon high energy factory ammo, over 300 empty cases, most of which are already sized and primed, about 1000 jacketed HP and plated bullets and reloading dies.
I have used this barrel in 3 different .45's without a single issue. This whole package would cost you $700 or more. I like to get $350.00. The ammo alone is worth about that ...... contact me quick....... You can't beat this!


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