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need help with new to me STH Carrabien 8

Hi guys, My name is Jim. I am new here, obviously with only one post. I am an avid trout fisherman from Colorado. Anyway nuff bout me. I have a question regarding a new to me fly reel purchases. Today I received a reel I bought on EBAY for my upcoming Alaska trip. It is an STH Caribbean 8. It is set up as a right hand retrieve, and I need to change it to left hand. The reason I am here is that today I have spent many hrs looking for info. One of the only helpful things I came across was a thread on this site talking about the same issue. Only going from left to right. There was a response from a guy I think named PermitRat? I think that was his name. He PM'd the OP with some info. I was hoping to talk to I think his name is Rick. If not, does anyone her know anything about this older reel? Anyway, thanks for you time.



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